Relationship between man and robot explored at SÍM 

Arnar Ómarsson and Sam Rees show their latest experiments in SÍM exhibition space at Hafnarstræti 16. This exhibition brings together two very different approaches to the aesthetics of technology. Arnar works with an animated digital self portrait that has been built into a simple installation of an exactly right sized ladder, mechanically modified plant, computer and a screen. Sam presents a series of 5 plinths, each with an interactive mini-diorama focussed around a single white robot and denoted by 1 of the 7 sins. The controls are crudely attached to the plinths, with wires protruding and instructions scrawled in a child-like / playful manner. Viewers are invited to alter the different sounds and robot´s movement with controls affecting the level of pain or type of nightmare.
 Both artists explore the relationship between man and robot in a parallel but complementary manner. Arnar´s focus revolves around the crossover between the virtual and the real world, creating a kind of ridiculous alien cyborg selfie with a moving plant entrail. Whilst Sam questions ideas of empathy, stripping cuddly toys to their naked plastic interior but adding big tearful eyes and the option to inflict pain, like a futuristic Stanford experiment for kids.
Sam Rees is a British artist based in Húsavík, northeast of Iceland where he manages Fjúk, a small arts centre and residency. He teaches in the design faculty at LHI and has a passion for DIY and maker culture. Arnar Ómarsson is an Icelandic artist and project manager living in Reykjavík. He is currently enrolled in the fine art masters programme at the Iceland Art Academy in Reykjavík. He received his bachelor degree from the University of the Arts’ London in 2011 and has since been based in Denmark and Iceland by most part. Arnar is a project manager and co-founder at REITIR in Siglufjörður and has been involved in developing platforms such as Institut for (x), Verksmiðjan in Hjalteyri and Alþýðuhúsið in Siglufjörður.
The exhibition is up until Monday 26th of September at SÍM exhibition space Hafnarstræti 16 101 Reykjavík. 
Opening hours: 10:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday.

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