#1 session of performances with sound and video for E = mc²

#1 session of performances with sound and video for E = mc²

#1 session of performances with sound and video for E = mc²

Manifesto for #1 session of performances with sound and video for E = mc²:

bring performance closer to people. what is the sign of the beginning and the end? do-not-force. everything is art whether you like it or not. never know what you’re doing. the only way to stop performing is to cease existence, existence is best suited to be handled with intent. performance begins and ends with a collecting breath. keep performing.

challenge myself always within my safety within me and within people. it doesn’t need to put me or anybody in danger. i don’t need to participate in a dangerous situation. do what you feel is right for you. examine as closely as you can your perception of the environment around you and who you are. be-your-nature. take safety precautions to make sure you don’t know what you’re doing. the sensible and the sensual must go hand in hand. the real world lacks the latter and artists must always remember the former in the attempt at achieving the latter. calamity springs from carelessness. even when I am not sure, but have a clear feeling, I trust. I want to embrace the trust in my feelings towards the next performance.

if you don’t feel like it, you can still do it. take care of yourself and creativity will follow. know who you are and keep telling everyone performance pursues knowledge about the self. aelf-knowledge is partly artificial and mostly comes from error – self-expression is often pretentious, especially initially. know that you don’t know what you’re doing and telling everyone. translate-your-body. make the effect something unpredictable rather than predictable. trust. I encourage myself to trust my artistic feeling and develop strongness towards a situation where I am bombarded with doubts from others and myself. safety first.

after a performance I try to remind myself that I will be hungover for the next three days and that’s okay. if you feel like it you can still not do it. push yourself in a way that is kind yet challenging. be aware of the post-performance ‘come down’ the heart must be set free.

when you feel bad about not knowing what you’re doing, think of everyone else that doesn’t know what they’re doing. eembrace-the-confusion. what you do is what you get. the performance of eease, relaxation and rreligious llanguor is one of the most underrated. have trust in your art and respect each phase you have gone through, it all matters.

take time to find the correct creativity enhancing routine for you. be really clear about what you want to do. the outcome of performance depends on how one handles emptiness and fullness. be very clear about what you’re doing and the fact that you don’t know what your doing. know-why-perform. alright, how long do we have to shut up for? although very rare, clarity is possible in this grey grey fog. i believe when I challenge myself then I am onto something. the more they challenge me, the more i trust the performance i want to create. even if i am in the middle of a performance i can always stop if i want to because i am the one who is performing.

be aware of energy vampires of any sort. everything is not art whether you like it or not. be friends with other performers, performance travels beyond closed space. find friends that also don’t know what they’re doing. like-minded-performers. that is not always pleasant. so that is by no means pleasant… even if it is a fantastic way to work. be friends. (enemies exist).

nap. everything is interesting. only do work that you really believe in, apply performance to all things, therein lies its beauty. only work when you’re completely sure you don’t know what you’re doing. spontaneity-power-reflex. that must be beautiful, because it is useless and causes such pain. i’ve never quite believed that, but i’ve sometimes come close to it. do you mean that or are you just being clever?

watch movies and listen to music that moves you. except things that are not. if the feeling stops, stop withdrawing power. if you think you know what you’re doing, stop. and get back to not knowing what you’re doing. keep-engine-on. calm down! i feel that it should keep feeling but i might be wrong. my father has pigeons in our garden, it is a wonderful kinetic sculpture and like many sculptures, it is more important to know of its existence than to gaze upon it religiously. share and celebrate your imperfections and the imperfect side of yourself with other performers. when i am jealous of other performers, i want to keep in mind to celebrate with them and embrace the knowledge i figure out. i want to use my jealousy in my own favour to know more about what i want to engage with.

take walks and enjoy your own company without any distractions. it’s up to you. don’t pigeonhole your performative self performance is like boiling water; without heat, it returns to its tepid state. be the person who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’m just random saying stuff. don’t read in too much. take-a-breath. when the fun starts, don’t stop til you get enough. all my mistakes i celebrate because i am not perfect and my mistakes are not negative. my mistakes are a positive way to develop and surprise myself.

ask for help. sometimes. keep going. performance is a lifelong pursuit. keep on not knowing what you’re doing. you look at each other, be aware of this. fight-the-comfort. when nothing is going on and no invites are coming, i will always just perform in my private space studio. i want to perform every day, like a sketch, a drawing in a sketch or a text in my sketchbook. never stop being curious about your own work, continuously dig deeper.

THE list of ARTISTS sharing there’s performances with sound and video for E = mc2: 

 Katrín Sirru

Hlökk Þrastardóttir

Vilhjálmur Yngvi Hjálmarsson

Daniel Ernst Binnekamp

Alexis Brancaz

Eetu Palomäki

Kamile Pikelyte

Tómas Óli K.M.


Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir

Klemens Hannigan


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