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Amalia Pica – Set Theory & the representation of communication

Amalia Pica’s solo exhibition — A un brazo de distancia — opened at NC-Arte (Bogota) this April. With works almost exclusively from this year (2017), the exhibition centres around the cognitive processes and social conformities of animals. Specifically in relation to the artist’s observation of baboons when in residence at the Gaskaka Primate Project in Nigeria. A un brazo de distancia is also the name of the centrepiece of the exhibition. It is a 45-minute long video, co-authored by Rafael Ortega that consists of footage resembling the raw material of a nature documentary taken at Gashaka Gumti National Park...

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HARD-CORE AND ASAHI 4.0 — The Future of Robotic Curating

The next generation of robotic curation — ASAHI 4.0 — is projected to come out in 2017. A machine conceived by HARD-CORE, ASAHI is able to automate what used to be the human skill of curating art exhibitions. Past models of ASAHI have used the contemporary technology of randomizing algorithms to successfully organize the position of artworks within space. In so doing it has enabled the machine to free aesthetics from the many pitfalls of contemporary curation, including those of subjective choice, arbitrary protocol, and especially of taste. The exclusion of which has allowed artists to show works within...

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What Do You Hear When You Eat Chocolate

„Hot chocolate will leave the necessary stains for images to turn into visions and conversation. If the Cacao Allows it***“ „This Rabbit Looks to the Left“ is a performance piece by Luisa Ungar and Milena Bonilla that has taken place between 2014 and 2016. The performance is centred around the reading of chocolate, which like tea or coffee, leaves traces inside a cup that can be deciphered for clues about the future. For each reading, the participants of the performances have been invited to take a sip of the chocolate, so that their futures may be implicated in the...

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